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yep, this is another mass effect post

Saturday, February 25, 2012
And some more shameless promotion of the Big Ben Sniper because nobody seems to know anything about him and I need explanations about this rugged piece of Briton specimen before I combust from curiosity overload so yeah information is power folks, I don't even care if it's made up! Just give me all your headcanons!

But on a much more important note: as the release of Mass Effect 3 is approaching I've been reevaluating all 4 of my Shepard storylines.

For those of you who don't know (lol sad face?) you're playing the game as 'the galaxy's saviour' Commander Shepard (first name, gender and appearance are all up to you!) and one of the great things about Mass Effect is that it allows you to accumulate all decisions you've made in the previous games and import them into the next. So essentially, I'm grading and blueprinting how all the wanky stuff I've done as Commander in Mass Effect 1 + 2 may or may not come back to bite me in the ass in Mass Effect 3.

And here are my current personalities:

Mable Shepard
***This is my primary Shepard. And I absolutely adore her.

History: Colonist, sole survivor
Class: Adept
Morality: Renegon
Casualties: Ashley, Jack
Love interest in ME1: None
Love interest in ME2: Thane
Love interest in ME3: Toss up between James Vega and someone new
ME2 completion: Destroyed the collector base

Jaiden Shepard (Female, Insanity play)

History: Spacer, war hero
Class: Infiltrator
Morality: Renegade
Casualties: Ashley, Wrex, Tali, Mordin
Love interest in ME1: Kaidan
Love interest in ME2: Thane (Lol I can't help it, he's dying)
Love interest in ME3: May go the way of the Asari ;]
ME2 completion: Destroyed the collector base

Ishmael Shepard (Male)

History: Earthborn, war hero
Class: Vanguard switch
Morality: Paragon
Casualties: Kaidan
Love interest in ME1: Liara
Love interest in ME2: Jack
Love interest in ME3: Jack, no doubt about it
ME2 completion: Kept the collector base (Lol, some paragon)

Jonathan Shepard (Male)

***Okay, this one is special because it's the only character I'm using with the commercial Shepard appearance. There's something about playing an icon that sort of curves my perspective. Most of my decision-making with this Shepard is based upon what I think the advertised BioWare Shepard would do :'D

History: Earthborn, ruthless
Class: Sentinel
Morality: Paragade
Casualties: Wrex, Ashley
Love interest in ME1: Ashley :'D
Love interest in ME2: N/A
Love interest in ME3: He's ready to be amazed
ME2 completion: Destroyed the collector base

Next time I'll put up photos of what all my Shepards look like. The new customization options in ME3 are keeping me from doing that already. I mean, hello studio-hair and make-up! :'D