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Sunday, March 11, 2012
. . . that all the complaints I'm hearing about the Mass Effect 3 ending(s) are concerning me?

My progress has been rather slow [I'm playing my primary male and female Shepards at the same time] so I still have a long way to go. But so far my biggest concerns have been the blatant favoritism of ME1 characters over the ones I've grown to love in ME2. Ashley/Kaidan and Liara have practically been gift-wrapped with tremendous care and they're the most accessible members of the crew, despite my efforts to keep my female Shepard indecisive and my male Shepard faithful to Jack.

I mean, why isn't Jack a part of my crew? And Thane?

Bioware what the fuck? 

Lol, real talk. The moment that dramatic slow-motion attack sequence at Mars happened I sat back in my seat and thought to myself, 'Oh God don't tell me I'm going to be guilt-tripped into romancing Kaidan Alenko!'

And so far my male Shepard has been successful in avoiding Ashley's advances. Trips to the Citadel Hospital have been brief. And completely platonic. [However I do worry about seeing Jack again. And it's a damn shame that she's not in the Normandy using her unorthodox methods of teaching her students at the basement of engineering]!

As for my other Shepard, she has swayed. Seeing Kaidan in critical condition trapped me man. I thought about about Horizon. And fixing whatever bad blood there was between Kaidan and Shepard. The visits at the hospital were latent with kind dialogue and gifts. And the two kept in touch.

And then, dinner at the Citadel . . .


Argh, BioWare. I've got a galaxy to save.

Stop giving me feelings I don't want to be responsible for.

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