and 3D glasses

so i'll be interviewing a cast member from 'teacher of the year' at the tribeca

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Rachel Dratch in Teacher of the Year

Taking it upon myself to shamelessly promote the short, because hey, Rachel Dratch made SNL my favorite activity back in the 2000s when I used to stay up past my bedtime every Saturday night and pretended to be all grown-up.

Having spent some time with amateur film-makers and screenwriters my age, it is an honor for any artist to be in the same sentence with the TriBeCa Film Festival. Or to even have their work featured within spitting distance. But - right. Synopsis! I'll just get right to it:

Teacher of the Year [screening from April 21-29] is a short that will be featured in the competitive 'Character Flaws' program, so I am expecting a course from director/screenwriter Chris Modoono without learning. How a depressed elementary school teacher conducts himself in class after his wife leaves him is pure gasoline and a lit match - so the quirk is in accordance.

Also, staring contests with Rachel Dratch.

I need not say more.