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i'll be at the boondocks, thank you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

- My Sis and Cousin at the shore. Photo was subject to some really unfriendly conversation.

When I think about some of the people in my circle of friends who are so entitled about their economic privilege and can't seem to grasp and accept my worldview - because really it's that simple for anyone to go halfway around the world and back so long as Mommy and Daddy are taking care of the expenses! - I want to kick a table and break up with them.

And just to be clear: there is no shame in not knowing what it's like to work a day in your life and having to earn the things that you want. Suck the other bank account dry if it's providing, I say. But it's counterproductive to be wasteful. It's bad manners to take things for granted. And I don't want to be your friend if you're going to be a condescending prick who can't seem to get where I'm coming from.