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mass effect 3 n7 multiplayer challenges (progress)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
As of two days ago my N7 acquired the Biotic Mastery title. At first it was a bit overwhelming playing the vanguard class to complete the lash, nova and the biotic-slash requirements.

Right now I'm working on Map Mastery (Nomad). I play a lot of platinum challenges anyway so I figured, why not play it multiples times on every map? Ha. So far I'm at about 10% completion. Firebase Condor is perhaps one of the worst maps in the game and I think I'll save that one for last because (eaux) can't!

My scores have been fluctuating a lot since this weekend. But here's what my stats currently look like:

N7 Rank: 280
Challenge Points: 825
Time played: 232H 5M 23S
Games played: 650
N7 Leaderboard: #30,129 (Top 8%)
Challenge Leaderboard: #953 (Top 3%)

During my free time I'd spend about three to four hours on multiplayer, sometimes six if my regular squadmates are on. They are leagues ahead of me and they are amazing and strategic and fair.

With their stats into account I think about the top 1% and wonder if they're cheating or warping the time and space continuum to stay competitive. Because you see those numbers up there? My N7 Ranking is my promotional activity since March. And the rest is the most I've accumulated all weekend, since the beginning of this challenge. Ha.

The margin of error in the challenge board must be huge.

But to all you PSN/axebox players who aren't aware, if you want to track your progress on multiplayer there's a lot more clarity at the N7 Headquarters about the challenges.

Just enter your gamertag to look up your profile and voila.