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possible new tumblr and new obsession (snk / attack on titan)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jumped in the SNK fandom shortly after my hiatus thanks to the lovely folks at ontd who insisted I'd have a blast with the series and they were sooo right about everything and oh my gOD my entire circle of friends was already involved in this shit and I had absolutely no idea /y they kept this from me?!/ and I'm on cloud 9 right now because let's be real this year's been really shitty and I feel so blessed to have boners for nice things again and to have friends with the same interests and I can't stop rambling about my love for Rivaille and Eren and Sasha Potato!! and Armin and Hanji and Jean and Colossal Titan and...!!

I've kind of sort of made a side tumbl to help deal with my infatuations and I think it might blossom into a full-time blog /who knows/ lol it's so mature-y looking like all the other serious blogs out there in minimalistic white themes and grey font but I'm very very pleased and conflicted about my previous tumbl and where I left off because apart from chi I don't think my tumblr friends would be interested in seeing titans and shit in their dash soooo I'll continue to be private about it and let bygones be bygones :[


Real talk.

This bit might seem out of place considering the topic I've laid out for this post but I'd like to apologize for my unwillingness to talk about the situations in my life that have snowballed into the massive crap that I've had to deal with.

The sudden death of a family member has put so much into perspective - I haven't lost anyone this close to me since Richard and it's put me under a lot of stress. I can't help the way I feel knowing that someone I cared about would have been alive today had they not been misdiagnosed. And I can't stop breaking down in tears when I think about the things they've left behind and ... all their stuff that needs to be sorted out.

And oh gosh this post has taken a turn for the worst, eh. But this is what my everyday feels like at the moment. I could be having the time of my life and then bam! - feelings.

One thing's for certain though: I'm getting there! The amount of support from my friends and family's been amazing and I'm so happy to have found a new outlet that excites me everyday. I don't even care if it's temporal. It helps. :']