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fell on my face meeting darryl mcdaniels of Run–D.M.C.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Went to Darryl McDaniels' comic book signing at Forbidden Planet for the release of DMC #1.5

I've always loved going to this shop every day after school and it's come a long way since. The place is still run by the same manager, Jeff! Great guy who really knows his stuff.

And oh gosh once we got to meet him we were all so nervous and botched our photo!

He was wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt (huh?) and he was super nice and asked us where we were from. I don't know which one of us managed to tell him but he was all, 'Yeaaah, Queens in the house!'
I don't remember what happened next but here's a better photo of him minus our faces: Bloop <<

Annnnd my signed copy of issue #1.5.

I also picked up Black River by Josh Simmons, and yeah. Happy fun time day ;]

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