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what's your new favorite show and why is it into the badlands?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
M.K. from AMC's Into the Badlands

AMC's Into the Badlands featuring Veil

Daniel Wu as Sunny in Into the Badlands

Yooo. I started watching Into the Badlands over the weekend and aside from the second season of Fargo it's all I wanna talk about. 

I mean, if you can shut your brain off for The Walking Dead every week then surely you can make time for this show. I love my fantasy and Into the Badlands plays out like the opening sequence to a proper comic book series. The exposition's thrown at your face right from the get-go, followed by charmingly choreographed action sequences that go directly from Point A to B.

The story's not complicated. It doesn't have to be. And I love this show for being exactly what it is. Happy fun time, friend.

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