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Thursday, March 8, 2018

after several unexpected adventures i am not quite finished yet.

i. Nearing the one-year anniversary of relocating and while it's been fun and all I'm still looking to expand my library. I've given a looot of books away – most of which I've outgrown and have no value to me. But earlier this week I installed a new bookshelf and I'm noticing a pattern with my new hobbies in photography and The Legend of Zelda lore. :x

ii. The commute's a lot less mundane when I create new playlists along the way. Certified bops I keep in rotation:

saggy denim - princess nokia
cigarettes - amir obè
hasta luego - j.i.d
wait a minute! - willow smith
holographic lover - st. beauty
x - kendrick, schoolboy q, 2 chainz, saudi
lost in nostalgia - xavier omär
silence - they.
cadillactica - big k.r.i.t.

iii. And as for my garden – oh man. Lol. Well, indoors I'm growing a very healthy aloe vera plant, two orchids that are currently on life support, and some vines that I keep very neat and wrapped around my lamp. I'm still experimenting with that space but if anything's for sure, I want to make a container with water lilies to go along with my fish bowl. And I really can't wait to get started on that this weekend.

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