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and 3D glasses

play after dark

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The spine in these strings mang ...

14 wall street, at the nasdaq conference room

Monday, April 10, 2017
So last week I was given the task of accompanying one of our devs to an important Q&A today with a team of Wall Street execs who founded their own little start-up.

Which was surprising. Especially since:
  • My knowledge of the New York Stock Exchange, finance, and global economics is rather limited.
  • And my editorial process has always been primarily focused on our nation's politics, with some minor dabbling in world news.
  • So I spent all of last week thinking to myself: Why me?!
But anyway. I went to work today in my absolute Sunday best, having reviewed all of my notes and expecting this grandeur adventure of professionalism once it came time for the meeting. But when we got there I was sort of taken aback by the casualness of it all. The tower's located right across the New York Stock Exchange where it's so congested. But there were only two guards at the lobby.

They took one look at us, made a quick call upstairs, and let us through the turnstiles no questions asked. The tower also had this really inconvenient system where the elevators weren't universal; they were assigned to specific floors: some odd and some even. It's not unheard of but it can be an inconvenience when you're not paying attention. So we did get lost on our way up.

We were then led by a secretary into an empty briefing room where my colleague and I were left to our own devices until our scheduled appointment. And surprisingly these guys were on time. They were dressed rather casually, in jeans, and seemed no older than their respective late 30s and 40s.

Throughout our conversation I could already sense that their entire business model was a vanity project. It felt very spur of the moment — as if these guys had one day decided that they'd coattail their fascination of developing a start-up company.

And there was one interesting exchange where I felt like I was being given an additional task. And that was to give some purpose to their main objective.

We didn't get to cover most of what my Editor in Chief had prepared for this meeting, so instead our Q&A revolved around my generation's perspective and how these execs could best appeal to the 'young entrepreneur' interested in having a piece of the world's capital market.

I felt like I was the one being interviewed.

And I went home feeling like I keep having the same conversations with these people. Despite how self-involved they tend to be they always seem to look for some kind of validation from me and my demographic, as if my personal opinion offers some importance to their self-worth.

They seem to have this undertone of being unfulfilled with their lives, sort of like the really insecure Nice Guy™ in its final and successful format — in that they don't view other people as individuals but as a means to an end. They lack original thought. And they're compelled to gravitate towards the unique other with an intent to 'take' from them, whether it be their personal aspirations and ideas.

It's very telling.

And with my future goals in mind I came out of this experience thinking — that's not the kind of person I'd ever want to be.

new apartment + sleepover at the coronas

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Took the day off to close a deal on my new apartment. But I forgot to eat.

And thereby upsetting every mother I know in the process.

I've got so much on my plate right now that I feel as though my future plans have been throttled.

But — good news? In a few weeks' time I'll be moving into my new place in the upper borough, twenty minutes away from work. So far I'm already in love with my new neighbors. And I've got more outdoor space I can't wait to remodel into a flower garden. There's no mistaking that I'll miss living by the coast and the surfing culture we've got here. But good God it's been a nightmare to commute.

Sidenote: Also taking a break from Instagram. It's been my secret trash bin for a while now and I miss paragraphs.

the gallows

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hee —

mixing the night with pink lemonade

Thursday, October 27, 2016

— Just two weeks ago I was running on 3 hours of sleep ...

... and on one particular night I'm dragged to the bar. And the bartender took one good look at me he just knew I didn't care to drink. But he engaged anyway. And - by no margin of error in my guess - he read my mind, worked the table, and made me lemonade. /bey

I went home that night without a care in the world about my responsibilities the next morning. And my 3-hour sleep shift went to an end.


goodbye new york, hello san francisco

Saturday, August 20, 2016

A toast to the internal screaming about my flight on Wednesday.

Knowing that I've got a short window to decide if I want to relocate to California has contributed to one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make. I'm at a crossroads between excitement and fear; and it's an intuition that's very much in line with the reality of my situation. Not knowing what to expect and having to make adjustments to this big of a switch is kind of terrifying. I've still got packages waiting and a laundry list of responsibilities to cover. But first, I have to get some stuff out of my system and celebrate.

Where we then said some things at the table. Even gave ourselves a good cry.

And oh. - a toast to the old gods and new beginnings - je vous aimes tous. ♥.


along the coast

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Coasting. But I already can't wait for this summer to be over.

nyc subway graffiti artists of the 80s

Monday, July 18, 2016

Scans from the revised edition of Subway Art, featuring Lady Pink

Something happened to the original post - haha - but here are some of the new additions to Subway Art's 25th anniversary edition, co-authored by photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant. Since picking it up I can honestly say that it's had a long influence. I mean. It's now my favorite reference to a part of New York City history that I've only heard stories about.

The youth of the 80s man. What a crew.


Monday, July 11, 2016
Real talk.

It's been an exhausting week in the newsroom.

Every day it's part of my job to consume and interpret so much information. And so often I see how we can get so passionate about the work we put in, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.

So I just want to take the time to acknowledge all my black contributors in media — the artists, writers, reporters, photographers, and activists who are out there putting in the time to do good work — I want you all to know that you are entitled to your personal space and well-being. And if you ever feel overwhelmed to the point where you know you'll need to take some time away from the noise, then don't feel ashamed or 'less than' for wanting to unplug and find some peace.

I'll have my days where I'll get so tired of having to hand-hold and explain to those who would rather derail, dispute, and dismiss the truth instead of coming to terms with the reality that we live in a world where anti-blackness is very much alive and well. It is voluntarily work. And I don't owe anyone the time to walk them through the what ifs and the whys and the hows.

Because at the end of the day when I take out the trash, I have no moral obligation to then devote my time and my energy to educate it.

Protect your energies fam.


it's all a blur

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Earlier at the studio I had a very interesting conversation with a guest about 'fandoms.' They were middle-aged, an established journalist, and - for personal research purposes - were eager to learn more about the experiences young girls have when dabbling.

I thought back on some of my earliest memories of —

Potter and Glee and shipping ...

... and by the strange powers not vested in me I short-circuited and said that my participating had been a maaarvelous experience. Absolutely splendid 👌👌👌 spectaculah spectaculah ahaha ayy whaddyamean you've heard things lol #omg yo we've had our fair share of death threats and political intrigue and organized coups coupled with carnage but it wasn't all that bad ahahaha ...

[ s c r e a m i n g ]